Stop doing everything yourself and let people help you

Entrepreneur or team leader, delegation is vital for effective leadership. Delegation is key to maximize your productivity, specially when you are “drowning” in work.

By learning to delegate effectively, the piles in your inbox will get smaller, your blog or social media will be continually updated, and the time you have to deal with your business or personal issues, will expand.

“If you want something done right, be an outstanding delegator.” Linda Eve Diamond.

However, most entrepreneurs and leaders face the inability to let go of their own work. Sometimes they fear that nobody else has the skills or abilities necessary to execute the work effectively, and they refuse to let other people help.

If you are one of them, you should start assigning small tasks to someone else. As part of your letting-go process, you can develop a priority system for tasks.

Task in the lower-skilled categories can be assigned to others. Giving some else responsibility for high-effort, low-skill tasks will save you lots of time. Try it and see!


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