Are You Unnecessarily Hoarding Work?

Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being productive. For entrepreneurs, is difficult relenting control and that’s why burnout due to extreme multitasking is so common.

“A classic sign of insufficient delegation is that you are working long hours and feel totally indispensable, while your staff isn’t terribly energized and keeps strangely regular hours,” says Carol Walker, the president of Prepared to Lead, a consulting firm that focuses on developing young leaders.

The biggest secret of highly productive people is: They don’t try and do everything themselves. They acknowledge when their micromanagement habits might be harming their company’s growth. That’s when learning how to delegate effectively becomes crucial to the success of any business.

Hire a Virtual Assistant when:

  1. You are having trouble completing important tasks.
  2. You are over burdened with administrative tasks: spending more time organizing than executing, specially when your inbox is flooded with messages or your calendar isn’t up to date.
  3. Your business is growing.

Learn to really let go and stop owning tasks. Stay involved but let your Virtual Assistant lead the way!


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