5 Ways to Build a Remarkably Successful Career

Original source: Medium.

Everyone wants to build a successful career: To get promoted, to gain new responsibility and authority, to earn a higher salary…

Jim Whitehurst —from management consultant at Boston Consulting Group to Treasurer of Delta Airlines to COO of Delta Airlines, and now CEO of Red Hat— definitely knows how to build a successful career  and what smart leaders look for as they develop and promote talented employees.

  1. Be deeply curious. People instantly recognize when you truly care about your business and truly care about learning. That always shines through , and will always take you far.
  2. Learn how to get the people around you to do the best they can. Authenticity is the real key to leadership at any level. Be yourself and leverage your strengths.
  3. Find a work-life rhythm you can maintain. Find a rhythm where you can have enough time for family and friends, feel satisfied emotionally, and still excel at work, because building a great career is a marathon, not a sprint.
  4. Care deeply. You can only reach your full potential, both personally and in a career, when you truly care.
  5. Build your team. Make sure you have people in your life you can always turn to… and for whom you will always do the same.

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