The 7 Biggest Career Mistakes

Original source: Medium.

A lot of us have similar things that hold us back from building careers we love.

Mistake #1: Thinking your career should be linear – Almost none of them “moved up the ladder” in a linear fashion. In fact, 99% of top performers have made at least one discontinuous “jump” in their career.

Mistake #2: Assuming that what got you to level 1 will get you to level 2 – To get from level zero to level one, you have to focus on your IQ. To get from level one to level two, you have to focus on your EQ — your emotional intelligence.

Mistake #3: Getting distracted by “shiny object” syndrome – Once you reach a certain level, success isn’t about getting new opportunities. It’s about getting the right opportunities.

Mistake #4: Chasing after status – Average people chase after titles more than results. Most people are so status driven that they will pass up the chance to take one step back today to take two steps forward tomorrow.

Mistake #5: Not making “mini-failures” – The most successful people are actually the most risk averse people. They make tons of tiny bets, and once they get a feel, they start making bigger ones.

Mistake #6: Not asking other people for help – The quickest way to avoid mistakes that could cost you months of wasted time and effort is by reaching out to someone in your field who’s a few years ahead of you, and asking them questions.

Mistake #7: Trying to “figure things out” on your own – One of the biggest differences between top performers and everybody else is that top performers test their assumptions, while most people try to figure it out in their own heads.

“A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory.” — Arthur Golden.


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